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1 - General

1.1 – This applies to all competitions conducted by– Gold Coast Community Radio Association Incorporated

IA40593 - ABN  96 273 297 113 T/A 94.1FM Gold Coast.

1.2 - These rules say who is eligible to enter, how prizes will be awarded and how they may be claimed. Other specific terms and conditions may also apply to particular specific competitions.

1.3 - A person who enters a competition agrees to be bound by these Terms & Conditions (T&C’s)

2 - Conduct of Competitions

2.1 - At all times 94.1FM Gold Coast has absolute discretion as to who may enter and who has won a prize. A decision of 94.1FM Gold Coast is binding and cannot be challenged on the grounds that it failed to act reasonably, fairly, in good faith or otherwise in accordance with the principles of procedural fairness. A decision cannot be challengeable even if it can be demonstrated that a decision which was wrong, based on a factual error or an irrelevant or irrational consideration. It is not the policy of 94.1FM Gold Coast to enter negotiations with any person who challenges a decision.

3 - Eligibility

3.1 - Any person may enter a competition, except for the following:

(a) a person who has previously submitted an entry in that particular competition; (ie one entry per person unless stated by 94.1FM Gold Coast)

(b) an employee, servant, agent, sponsor or associate of 94.1FM Gold Coast;

(c) a direct family member of a person referred to in paragraph (b) above (ie spouse, parent, child or sibling);

(d) a person working in an organisation taken to be a competitor or regular supplier to 94.1FM Gold Coast.

4 - Competition Entries

4.1 - 94.1FM Gold Coast may prescribe the means by which it will accept entries. Exceptions at the discretion of 94.1FM Gold Coast.

4.2 - 94.1FM Gold Coast does not accept any responsibility for incorrect entries.

4.3 - A person who has entered a competition agrees that 94.1FM Gold Coast has the right to use any information supplied by the person for promotional purpose. This includes voice recordings.

4.4 - The decision of 94.1FM will be final and conclusive and no discussion or correspondence will be entered into.

4.5 - A person who enters a competition releases from and indemnifies 94.1FM Gold Coast from and against, all liability, cost, loss or expense arising out of acceptance of any prize.

5 - Prizes

5.1 - Prizes will be awarded in the absolute discretion of 94.1FM Gold Coast.

5.2 - Prizes cannot be transferred to another person and is not exchangeable for cash.

5.3 – 94.1FM Gold Coast will always determine the value of the prize.

5.4 – The winner of a prize must be of age to legally claim the prize on offer.

5.5 - All prizes must be collected or used within time limits specified by 94.1FM Gold Coast.

5.6 - In the event that a winner fails to collect or deem a prize within the prescribed time limit or chooses not to accept a prize, that person irrevocably relinquishes all right, title or interest in the prize. All claims to that prize will be dealt with by 94.1FM Gold Coast in its absolute discretion.

5.7 - If a specified prize becomes unavailable, 94.1FM Gold Coast may substitute a replacement prize in its absolute discretion.

5.8 Tickets to shows and events become void if the show or event is cancelled - 94.1FM Gold Coast will not reimburse or substitute in this circumstance.

6 - General

6.1 – 94.1FM Gold Coast may enforce the General Competition Rules and any Specific Competition Rules in its absolute discretion.

6.2 – 94.1FM Gold Coast reserves the right to regard itself as bound by the General Competition Rules and any Specific Competition Rules as it sees fit and in its absolute discretion.

6.3 – 94.1FM Gold Coast may extend the time for, vary or terminate any competition at any time in its absolute discretion. In the event of such termination, 94.1FM Gold Coast may in its absolute discretion elect not to award any prize in respect of the terminated competition.

6.4 - These General Rules and any Specific Competition Rules may be varied by 94.1FM Gold Coast at any time.

All competitions will be run in compliance with laws of Australia, State & Territories.

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